Board of Directors

We deliver what we promise

Ahmed Abdel Karim  |  Managing Director

Ahmed is one of EG-ART’s founders who insists to own a successful business in the field of contracting and decoration. He has a great experience in the contracting field exceeding 20+ years.

He is keen to let his team follow the right way to work professionally. This way starts with studying, designing, presenting, tendering till managing the whole project efficiently.

One of his main concepts in life is to make everyone happy to work WITH him, not FOR him. The aim that he always seeks is to give his team the access to make-up new and unique techniques to be applied in work.


Ramses Herodes   |  Head of Projects Management

Ramses is instrumental in establishing EG-ART for Contracting & Decoration. What makes Ramses distinguished is the extensive experience he gained over 18+ years in the field of project management.

The secret of his experience lies in the way he deals with EG-ART’s team. He believes that a true projects manager should get hold of the day-to-day functions and plans, as well he keeps up on the importance of overall direction and coordination.

The way Ramses follows is to listen carefully, take quick wise actions and prepare reports till he reaches the targets smartly.